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Hey girl. I’m Lill,

I guide ambitious millennial women like you to uncover their purpose, share their message and ultimately build the business and life of their dreams! I love to blend a little bit of ‘woo woo’ and manifestation with neuroscience and business strategy to help you get out of your own way & supercharge your life and business to fuck-yes status. Let me show you how…


Freebie Alert!

The fuck-yeah collective!

If you are ready to start taking your life and business to fuck-yeah status, then you’re going to love the fuck-yeah collective.
I wanted this to be a place where you could get guidance around DIY techniques like journaling affirmations and intention setting.
In there you will learn how to create your own journaling prompts, how to your unconscious mind to do the heavy lifting and how to task your unconscious mind with creating your dream reality.

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Ready to claim your power?

The magnetic woman (coming soon)

If you desire to have more energy, inspiration and drive to create the business of your dreams then this program was made for you! The Magnetic Woman is a self study program designed to realign you to your power. You will receive the tools to give your mindset a makeover and say goodbye to your limiting beliefs, build your business from a place of intuition and manifest your dream life quicker than ever!

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1:1 coaching


It’s time to start following your dreams!

Dream-chaser Hotline

For those who are needing equal amounts of mindset refresh, encouragement and ass kicking then this is for you! Together we will spend 90 mins together to celebrate your wildest dreams! not only will we celebrate them but we are going to develop an action plan to make them happen!

Take your life and biz to fuck-yeah status!

elevate your life & Biz

My private coaching is for those ambitious women who are ready to take massive action towards building a business that harnesses their true powers. As a private client, you will also receive any of existing programs as well as anything I create during our time of working together!

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Client love

Lillian lit a fire in my heart to start going after what I want. I’m now making money doing what I love!

Amy - Melbourne.