Cultivate your authentic aesthetic.

Whats up dream-chasers!



Lillian and Co. was born out of feeling a loss of direction AKA. I had no idea what to do with my design degree.

I felt stuck in employment with little creative outlet or freedom to live my dream life. Shocker, I know.

So, I threw myself into finding a way if the constraints of my daily grind. I read books listened to podcasts, networked and enrolled in online courses. Along the way I found creatives like you, who I felt pulled to help.

You’re a goal-setter; you’re a dream-chaser and above all else you are ready to start reaching for those big, scary, don’t-say-it-out-loud goals. Weather your passion is to serve, make style, create or even decorate you’ve got a damn good idea and the drive to back it up.

Now , you need the brand and website that’s going to get you there.

Luckily , that’s my thing!


This is how I see things…


I believe that in branding, authenticity is key. We work together with our clients to uncover the story they want to tell.


It’s vital that we nurture our minds and feed our inspiration. I allow space in my process to give room for inspiration to strike.


Our clients are not just clients, they are our collaborators, our friends and our community. They put the “Co” in Lillian and Co.

Are you ready to reach for those big, scary, don’t-say-it-out-loud goals?

Let’s work together!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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