5 Tips to help you write from your heart.

In the pursuit of running an authentic business that makes your soul sing, writing is an invaluable tool that can see your clients and customers biting and the bit for more - it just takes a little heart. Have you ever read something that just struck a chord with you? Gave you a surge of inspiration? Made you hungry to learn more? and wonder how you could possibly be a part of what they do? That kind of pull you experienced comes from heartfelt writing.

In my experience words certainly don’t flow through me onto the page effortlessly, like they do for so many talented creatives. My guess is that most of you are like me - we’ve got that thing that comes to us with that same eagerness, but it just isn’t writing. That aside, writing can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business and shouldn’t be disregarded. I’ve written a whole post on the value of blog writing for business that might be worth checking out if you need an extra push.

When I got started, I simply regurgitated what information I thought would be helpful to my audience at the time. I made sure my writing was well structured and the information was logical but there was no heart in it and subsequently no one was really taken with what I spent a decent amount of time writing.

This all changed when I ignored what I thought I should write and wrote from the heart.

At the time, I was working as a personal stylist and mostly wrote about wardrobe decluttering and shopping tips. In reality, I was bursting at the seams to talk all things branding and online business! And so I took the plunge and wrote a post titled ‘How to dress for your brand’. It paid off too. That one heart lead blog post lead to many business owners getting in touch with me for my styling services and ultimately lead to what I do now.

So fellow dream chaser, embrace who you are, your voice, your story, your passion and your heart. Your industry will be lucky to have your twist on things and your unique personality.





We all have those hours in the day were we are our most creative it’s when our zone of genius comes out and when our ideas and imagination wants to play. Rather than fighting the natural flow of your creativity and beating yourself up when things aren’t going right (which I am guilty of on many occasion) reflect on when you work best. For me it is in the morning between 6.30 and 11am and so that’s when I choose to write.


Those things that give you energy or ignite passion in you - they come from a heartfelt place and should be shared with your audience. Some of you will have started passion lead businesses and can simply write about what you do. For many of you however, your business may not directly speak to your passions and it isn’t as clear how you can write from a place of passion (I certainly felt this when I was running my personal styling business).

Think about your ‘why’ - why you do what you do. What part of your business is most fulfilling or gives you energy?

Example: It might be that you are really passionate about inspiring young women and teaching dance is simply the vehicle you use to do that. In this case you might talk of the positive effects you see practicing dance having in your students, you may share your student success stories, or speak of how people at home can use dance to break out of a negative state.


Create a bank of words and phrases that you really love and kindle some a positive response within you. Mine is full of words like ignite, wild-hearted and authentic. Not only do these words do a pretty good job of describing my brand but also come to my rescue during the editing process when I am dressing up my sentences. This will give you permission to write without the worry of perfection, simply putting your thoughts to paper.


The only way is though. You have to go through the process. You will not wake up one day and become a mastermind at writing if you do not put in the work, the time, the energy, the heart, the passion and everything else in-between. You will not get there if you do not start. And so if your a perfectionist like myself, give yourself permission to put your second draft out there rather than your fifth. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be real. It has to come from the heart. Your heart. In many ways messy is better than perfect - its relatable.

If you read something of yours and think “Yep, that’s me. That’s my truth”, it’s done. Spell check it. Get your images ready and hit publish.


It’s not enough to just start. You have to keep going at it. You’re not going to run a whole marathon by running one time around the block, just like you’re not going to write an entire book by writing one page on one day. You have to show up on that block every day ready to tie up those laces and get going.

It’s the same with your writing.

What are you passionate about? When are your creative hours? Show up for yourself and your writing every day or week accordingly to your goals. Set a schedule for yourself and keep yourself accountable. Because the only way to get better is to do it and to do it often.

Lillian Gordon