Your authentic self, that’s your superpower.

How do I make content creation easier? Show up as your authentic self. 
How do I attract my ideal client? Show up as your authentic self.  
How do I differentiate from my competition? Show up as your authentic self.  
How do I make my business more enjoyable? Show up as your authentic self.  
How do I build a deeper connection with my intuition? Show up as your authentic self.  
How do I let the universe work through me? Show up as your authentic self.  
How do I discover my purpose? Show up as your authentic self.  

Yes. It’s a bit repetitive but honesty its my answer to so many things! About a year ago though, I didn’t understand the power of my authentic self and to be perfectly honest - she scared to shit out of me!

All too often we beat ourselves up for being too much of ourselves - that’s what I did anyway!

I would run through conversations over and over in my head and think “Why did I say that? I’m such a dork!”
I’d shift and change my personality to please others and to make them feel comfortable.
I denied starting the business I REALLY wanted to start because I thought “No one would pay for that!” or “too many people are already doing that - I’m too late!”

Maybe you can relate?

But when we show up as our authentic selves and take ownership I have found that everything else follows.

Making your business easy.

I have said this before and I am going to say it again and again until you are bored of me. Business gets to be easy! You get to make money from being yourself! All you have to do is step into your magic. All you have to do is show up as your authentic self. There is nothing more to it. Pair all that with doing the work and you are destined for success!

If you are finding content creation difficult…
If you are wanting to invite more flow into your business…
If you are not enjoying what you are doing…

Come back to your authentic self.

A client of mine recently shared with me that she was filming her stories over and over again. I could definitely relate and I am sure you can too. When I first started by business it would take me about an hour to film a series of stories for the day. It would take about 7 goes before I got it “right” and I felt as though it was super hard.

But it didn’t have to be hard.

Instagram became easy for me when I decided to just be me and share what I felt like I needed to share at any given moment.

It became easy when I stopped worrying if I stumbled over my words or that my message wasn’t clear enough.
It became easy when I created content as I thought of it rather than worrying weather it would work strategically.

You can apply this to other areas of your business too:

What if working in and on your business was the funnest thing ever?
What if you got so excited to grow your business and reach more people that it felt effortless?
What if your business didn’t eat up all your energy?
What if selling was fun?

All of that is possible!

You simply need to start showing up as YOU. Start making the difference that you are passionate about making. Stop worrying about weather or not your marketing strategy is flawless. Stop wasting time trying to perfect your message. Start creating products, programs, and services that you are in love with and excited to sell.

Connecting with purpose and the universe.

For a very long time I felt like I was on the search for my purpose. I’d beat myself up for not knowing what business I wanted to start and trying lots of things only to find that I didn’t enjoy them.

It was only when I let go and just did what I felt called to do in the moment that I was able to see what I was here to do.

Ultimately my understanding of my purpose came from tapping into my truth - my authentic self.

Our purpose is forever changing and evolving. You can’t nail it down as just one thing for the rest of your life. There may be a recurring theme but I am 100% sure that it will change and evolve as you grow and as the universe needs something else from you.

To uncover our purpose we have to let go on trying to find our purpose - because we will never be able to keep up. - we simply need to show up as our authentic selves and our from there our connection to our inner genisys zone and the universe will show up for you BIG TIME.

… And what about our connection to the universe?

Have you ever just found yourself saying all these wonderful, genius or even funny things and wondered where it was coming from?

I bet, it was when you didn’t let your ego get in the way. You weren’t worrying what other people were thinking of you. you weren’t filtering things out. You were being your authentic self in that moment.

Did you wonder where it was coming from?

A deeper connection with the universe.

Ego, and fear are the things that disrupt that connection.

Attracting your tribe.

This goes for attracting friends, relationships, and your ideal customers. As business is my zone of genius, I am going to stick with that as an example, but I am sure that you can relate this all back to other areas of your life too!

I want you to reflect on who’s personal brand you find most compelling.

Are they showing up as them? Do they expose some of their flaws? Do they share what’s on their mind? Do they worry about losing a couple of people in their follower count or email list?

Of cause not!

The people who are most compelling and attractive online are the ones who are not glossing over every part of their life. They share parts of their life. They let their audience in!

If you have an online business or you want to have an online business, here is some advice on growing your tribe:

Your audience, your customers, your ideal clients (what ever you want to call them) - they are all humans. Humans crave human connection. From connection our customers can begin to know like and trust us. Without knowing, liking and trustings us - we simply cannot expect them to buy from us.

Authenticity = connection

Connection = Know, Like and Trust

Know Like and Trust = sales!!

This shit is strategic

I know, I know all of this sounds so woo woo! and yes, you can describe it as woo woo or a bit touchy feely because it is. But it is so much more than that - it’s also powerful strategy.

Tapping into your authentic self allows you to:

Be original in your work.
Connect to your genius zone on a deep level.
Be disruptive and polarising.
And be impossible to replicate!

All of which are really powerful elements of running a successful online business!

When we show up as our authentic selves and take ownership of the humans that we are, along with our flaws, quirks, individual personality. I have found that everything else follows from ease in our content creation to our connection to the universe!

I truly believe that the universe rewards us for living in our truth and being authentic. we weren’t put in this earth to pretend, filter, replicate others - we were put on this earth to do be who we are.

Be authentic

Big Love!

Xx Lill







Lillian Gordon