How to get unstuck and manifest your dream life.

okay babe, so you’re feeling a little stuck? I’ve got you! X let’s move through this together... 

Firstly, I want to start off by saying that overwhelm or feeling stuck is TOTALLY a part of the manifestation process!! But let’s be real, the need to be shifted - because at the end of the day, inspired action just can’t happen from that place!

When we are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, it’s often because, in our minds, we have zoomed out a little too much. We are looking at the big picture and it is overwhelming us. In fact overwhelm simply comes from vagueness, as we zoom out and look at the big picture, things get less and less specific!

Let me explain this: 

If I were to ask you “what’s making you feel stuck?” or “What’s overwhelming you”

You would probably answer with something like:  

“Ugh just everything!”
”Nothing is going right…” Or
”I can’t do this!”  

All of these statements are really fucking vague!

What do you mean when you say everything?
What is nothing?
And, what do you mean by this? 

Statements and language that come from a place of overwhelm are very vague. There is absolutely no glimmer of specifics to be seen in the statement above!

How do we move out of overwhelm and feeling stuck?

Well… This could be a blog post all in itself. But I am going to give you 3 techniques: my favorite techniques!

Understanding that when we get overwhelmed it’s because our perspective on the situation is getting too vague allows us to acknowledge what is going on in our minds on a more mechanical level. We are then able to reverse engineer ourselves out of that feeling by getting more specific (in NLP we call this chunking down)  

To get more specific, ask yourself these questions:  

“What specifically is overwhelming me?”  

Then if your answer was "‘work’ - you’d ask yourself “what is it specifically about work that is overwhelming me?”  

And so on… until you get so specific that the overwhelm can’t possibly be at the same level.

When we get specific, we are actually reducing the size of what is making us feel stuck - the smaller and smaller we make it the easier it seems to get unstuck!  

2 other even MORE powerful ways to get unstuck:

  1. Help someone do what you want to do/be what you want to be/have what you want to have. The law of attraction says that what we put out is what we get back and so if we want to feel unstuck then helping someone else get unstuck makes sense. Helping someone also reflects our own perceived problems back at us - we are able to see things from a different perspective and detach from them.

  2. Practice Gratitude. This can be done in two ways. The first, is to be grateful from what we have in this very moment. The second is to be grateful for all the things we hope to be/have/do as if they have already happened. Our feelings of being stuck come from a place of “lack” and so if we want to move out of that mindset, it makes sense for us to shift into a place of opportunity and abundance. That’s exactly what gratitude does.  

Moving out of overwhelm and into manifestation

for manifestation to work to its fullest potential feelings of overwhelm and stuck ness (which are totally normal and okay) need to be shifted. While you sit in that state of stuckness, the likelihood of your manifestations coming to live are pretty low. That’s not to say that you’ve fucked up the whole manifestation process by getting into this mindset. No. Of cause not - that’s not how manifestation works. But for your manifestations to REALLY happen, you have to let that mindset go.

Let’s change your perspective on what feeling stuck means in manifestation.

What if feeling stuck or overwhelmed simply meant “what you want is on its way”?

You’ve heard that saying that people usually quit just before they make it right?  

This is indicative of people’s mindsets just before a big win. Just before they manifest something amazing, they decide that the universe isn’t working for them - it’s working against them or that they are simply not a match for what they are manifesting. 

With that in mind I want to remind you that overwhelm and feeling stuck is all part of manifesting!  

The universe is basically saying “come on! I’m waiting! I’m ready to give this too you! Are you ready to become an energetic match?” 

Becoming an energetic match

Becoming an energetic match is super important part of manifestation. Becoming an energetic match basically means that you are acting as if you have already manifested what you wanted to manifest - that just can’t happen in a state of overwhelm can it?

After moving through feeling overwhelmed, and coming out the other side the next step is to become an energetic match for what we are manifesting. Or to act as if we have already manifested it!

How does being an energetic match work?

When we become an ‘energetic match’ or we ‘act as if’, we change our state and our physiology- both of which have an effect on our behaviour. We we all know our behaviour is the thing that gets us places in life and moves us towards achieving our goals, right? 

The more we hold the energy of already doing,being and having what we want, we increase our subconscious ability to model the correct behaviours to move us towards our goals and things we are manifesting. 

Here are just some ways to hold the energy and act as if:

  1. Practice gratitude. Yep that’s the second time I am mentioning gratitude. If you take one thing away from the blog post, I hope it would be the power of gratitude. As I mentioned earlier gratitude is a practice that helps us get into a state of having what we desire in life. If you were to ask yourself: “How would I feel if I manifested what it is I want?” I bet gratitude would be part of your answer. And so to move into feeling as though you have already manifested the thing - it makes sense to be grateful.

  2. Vision Boarding. Vision boarding is an amazing tool to lay out what it is you want to call into your life in a visual way. The power of the vision board is not actually what you put on it (although that’s powerful too) but it’s in how the vision board makes you feel. Choose images that make you excited, happy, and high vibe each time you look at them.

  3. Movement. Choose a movement practice that makes you feel unstoppable, high energy, and positive - for me that is dancing. Use that movement practice to get into the headspace and energy of having/being/ doing what it is you are manifesting

  4. ask yourself, “How would I act, if I already was/had/doing what I am manifesting?” - then take action

Happy Manifesting!

Big Love

Xx Lill


Lillian Gordon