Changing our mindset around the things we ‘have’ to do.

When I looked ahead at this week - it was full of things that I didn’t really want to do - the kind of things that you talk about by saying: “I have to do this” or “I have no choice”. The kind of tasks that you metaphorically or sometimes literally drag your feet through the entire process.

I don’t know about you, but I am just not available for that in my life.

I am not available for dreading certain tasks.
I am not available for feeling bored.
I am not available for a low energy and unmotivated mindset.

And I am certainly not available for Little tasks on my to-do list to make me feel that way!

Are you with me? - Of cause you are!

Who doesn’t want to look at their day, week or month ahead and think “Fuck Yeah! - I am excited for this!” ?
Who doesn’t want to build the mindset that means that boring ‘have to’ kind of tasks just don’t lower your energy one bit?
Who doesn’t want to get things done quicker because they are doing them with a positive mindset?

So how do we switch our mindset around these things we really don’t want to do?

As you probably already know, if you are reading this - I am a big advocate for making business and life easy and letting it all flow. Well when I was looking at my week ahead I caught myself thinking things like:

“I don’t want to do that - but I’ve got know choice”
“This week is going to be a drag”
“I am not going to have any time for fun”

I’m sorry what?, I thought.

What happened to being unavailable for a business that doesn’t bring me joy?
What happened to letting things flow in business and only doing what I WANT to do?

These tasks on my list weren’t going to go away and so if I 100% believed that business can be easy, that it can be filled with inspired work (not hard work) then I was going to have to change something internally.

Come back to gratitude.

When it comes to changing my mindset around ANYTHING, I like to come back to gratitude.

Rather than thinking I have to do this, I started to reframe my tasks for the week. I told myself why I was grateful for having them on my list and I was grateful for the outcome they brought me.

But I want to be honest with you. Gratitude just didn’t work for me around having to take the bins out or changing my rabbits litter.

Yes I am grateful that someone comes once a week to take our rubbish away. And, yes I am grateful to have Neo my little furry friend. But I can’t say that it brought me any more joy those dreaded tasks!

That’s where my next tip comes in

You owe yourself.

These words “you owe yourself” came up when I was journaling about this very topic at the beginning of the week. I write at such a speed that by the time I registered how impactful it was - I was well onto another topic!

But, this is what it said:

I know I don’t want to do X and that there are so many other things that I’d rather do with my week. But Lillian, you owe yourself this. You owe yourself to follow through on what you say you’ll do. You owe yourself that sense of accomplishment. You owe yourself to no longer have X looming over you. You owe yourself to get X out of the way and make room for way more aligned things in your life. You owe yourself to enjoy X and to not let it lower your energy.

When I went back to read through what I had written - I knew that this was the mindset shift I was looking for!

I encourage you to think of the tasks you aren’t motivated to do in the same way:

  • I am COMMITTED to doing X and I owe myself to follow through.

  • I Owe myself to not let X lower my mood.

  • I owe myself the SENSE of accomplishment from doing X.

  • I will BENEFIT From doing x and I owe myself that.

Making room for things we WANT to do.

If you are only scheduling in the things that you have to do, and not making room for things you want to do, then it is no wonder that you would feel resentful around the tasks that you simply don’t want to do.

You might see them as detracting from the time you could put towards other things.
You might see them as an inconvenience.
You might regret and resent your responsibilities

^ that is not healthy! ^

By making room for tasks that you want to do then you you are proving to yourself that the other tasks are not limiting.

Just as much as you owe yourself to do the tasks your not excited to do - you also owe yourself to do the tasks you WANT to do!

Big Love

Xx Lill

Image via ponse.lakiva

Lillian Gordon