The key to dropping into inspired action.

How often do you sit down and attempt to create so,etching only to find that what you begin to create is complete shit. At this point many of get up out of our chair and move onto another task. We might say things like “I’m just not a good writer” or “that idea was bad anyway” (neither of those things actually being true) 

What if if you were to stay seated in your chair? What if you stayed committed to continuing to create? 

the truth is when we begin to create something we ALL go through a stage of thinking our work is terrible. We are a;l discussed by what we create at first. But when we stay seated in our chairs and commit to moving through that stage something amazing happens. - we create something fucking incredible. 

To continue to create we have to let go of the kind of worries that make us human: 

I could create anything like (insert someone you are comparing yourself to) 

Why would any one listen to me.  
Who gives me the right.  
I don’t have enough time  
Why is this taking me so long.

These are are all very ego driven thoughts, the ego is such a human thing!  

But it what if you continued to sit in the chair, committed to continuing to create and committed to letting go of the very human worry that is consuming you. 

You’d Drop into flow. You’d drop into magic mode. You’d become the creator. 

It’s in this state that your inner wisdom comes alive. You are able to write, paint, plan, create from your heart. You are able to tap into some kind of inner knowing wisdom. Maybe it’s your subconscious mind that is feeding you droplets of wisdom you didn’t know you had within you. Maybe it’s the universe acting through you. Whatever you understand ‘flow’ to be - you know that’s the place from which amazing things are created.  

The place where you aren’t worrying about all the human things.  

The place where you aren’t concerned about time  

The place where you aren’t concerned about what other people will think.  

The place where you aren’t concerned about your industry standards  

The place where you aren’t concerned about weather or no this thing you are creating will make you money or not.  

 How do you drop into flow? How do you activate magic mode? How do you deepen your connection to the universe?  

Continue to sit in the chair. 

Commit to creating through thinking it’s terrible.  

And finally, don’t put rules on yourself - dont box yourself in to create something specific.

Create something amazing!

Big Love

Xx Lill

Lillian Gordon