Fuck Niches, Be Whole.

Let’s talk about finding a niche for your business.

Do you sometimes feel like ‘niching down’ might as well be called ‘being held down’? Well that’s because you are meant for more than just carving out a small piece of the internet and running your business from that tiny cramped space. You are meant to be a leader, a soul connected entrepreneur, a businesswoman who is totally taped into the universe. And that just cannot happen when you are worrying about filtering yourself so that you are fitting in with your chosen niche.

Niching down - while it may work for other people - is not for you.

I want you to let go of the belief that you have to find your niche to build a successful online business - it’s such a big fat lie!

Let go of the thought that you will confuse people if you don’t niche down - again, a big fat lie!

Forget what the experts have told you about niching down.

I don’t even like the wording - ‘niching down’ - the use of the word down makes the whole thing feel restrictive and appealing to me.

Don’t you agree?

Why is building relationships with your customers any different to other relationships?

Why does building relationships with your customers have to be any different to making new friends or dating? In those situations, you wouldnt start thinking to yourself, “How I am going to niche?” or “If I expect to attract the love of my life I better work on what my niche is going to be” - that would be totally crazy! Not to mention disingenuine.

In order to build deep and lasting relationships, we put a range of different aspects of ourselves on show. Think about it: people dont love you because you know a lot about one particular subject. They love you because you know a lot about a range of topic, your funny, your charming, you love the same TV shows, you have been through similar experiences and challenges.

Why would you go about building relationships with your customers in any other way?

Why would we listen to people telling us that the relationships we build would be stronger if we hid parts of ourselves?

I encourage you to begin to interact with your customers/audience in a way that embraces you for all your interests and all the ways you can improve their lives.

Making room for growth.

We all know that growth is inevitable. Change is inevitable and progress is enedidable. What you believe to be your purpose today, will probably not be the same in 5 or 10 years - it’s going to evolve.

If you had the choice would you choose for your business to fizzle out OR for your customers/audiences love for you (not what you do) so much so that mean that you could take your business along for that journey.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather that my business could exolve along with me.

Niching down gives us no room to to grow.

If you decide that you are going to only teach on this one topic then yes, when you grow out of that topic or get the itch to share something different with your audience, then you are going to confuse them.

But if you don’t niche down and instead share what is

Tapping into the universe.

When we don’t have a niche to consider. When we aren’t questioning how everything we do in our business is going to relate back to our niche. When we are free to create from a heart centered place…

We make room to tap into the universe.

We make room to connect to a higher consciousness.

When we let go of that questioning then we make room for our mind to get creative and enter into that state of flow - Where we drop into a creative state, Where we are unaware of time passing. Where we look back at our work and think “that wasn’t me, something else just worked through me”

You know those moments - they are the times you create your very best work!!

Making business human.

Like I was mentioning before - within human to human relationships, we simply don’t worry about niching down - it’s not a thing!!

Why would we think that the opposite is powerful in business?

It’s not!

Your customers and your audience are humans, they are not just a profile picture, or a small notch in your follower count. THEY ARE HUMAN. And like most humans, they crave human connection!

They want to feel understood.
They want to feel loved.
They want to feel connected.

Humans connect to humans. So a brand that has a super specific niche is not going to make them feel that way. Niching down removes the human level to a brand.

Humans are interested in an array of things.
We have an array of moods.
We are flawed.

You are the niche.

Now, the goal of creating a niche IS powerful - the goal is to differentiate from the competition. While I may not think nuching is the way to do it I do believe that it’s a goal that we should have.

You are the niche. You specific arrangement of personality, interests, moods, experiences etc are what differentiates you.

Be whole

Big Love!!

Xx Lill

Lillian Gordon