Who’s comfort zone are you in?

There is a lot floating around the internet when it comes to talking about the Comfort Zone.

A few things come to my mind:

That graphic with the two circles. One circle represents your comfort zone and the other is where all the magic happens. And, quotes like “great things never come from comfort zones” or “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

You know exactly what I mean! you’ve seen them too.

Yes these quotes and graphics are inspiring and they might give you the little kick up the butt you needed, but let’s be honest, they only really affect us on the surface - they don’t really get into our soul and create real lasting change.

We break through our comfort zone when we are ready to break down the walls. We break through our comfort zone when we ready to stare our fears in the face. We break through our comfort zone when its no longer a place of discomfort - when we learn that staying there, will ultimately lead to not living our dream life.

In this post, I wanted to take the opportunity to really deeply explore your comfort zone. You and I know when we shine a light on something it suddenly loses its power. It’s only in the dark that it casts strange and scary shadows - that’s what we are about to do.

What even is our comfort zone?

Your comfort zone is where you feel comfortable, it’s where all the things that are familiar and friendly live - you know that. But let’s explore things a little deeper…

The walls around your comfort zone are made up of all your limiting beliefs. Beliefs like…

…“I’m not a good public speaker.”
…”I’m not the entrepreneurial type.”
…”Having lots of money makes you selfish.”
…”Selling is sleazy.”

Our limiting beliefs don’t just hold us within the confines of our comfort zone, they also increase the comfort level of our comfort zone.

They are how we comfort ourselves when we get a small flash of inspiration to step outside, to face a fear, to grow and expand. It’s how we comfort ourselves when we feel as though we should be doing more.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to chase that speaking gig, that’s just not your zone of genius”
”Yeah that’s a cool business idea, starting a business would require you to do some pretty scary things… you don’t have to do it though, your just not the entrepreneurial type”

When it comes to REALLY breaking through your comfort zone, you are in fact facing your limiting beliefs.

Who’s comfort zone are you in anyway?  

What I have noticed in my own journey lately, is that I am quite happy to jump out of my own comfort zone (when it comes to business anyway, I’m still working on that whole heights thing) I will jump on a live even though it’s not yet comfortable for me, I will reach out to strangers and grow my network, I will share vulnerable posts and point out where I am still improving. I will do what is required to grow my business. I will happily break through the walls of my comfort zone. I will happily stare my limiting beliefs in the face.

But what I have also noticed is that it’s not just MY comfort zone that I need to step out of.

All around us, people are imposing THEIR limiting beliefs onto us. Intentionally or unintentionally, they strengthen the walls of OUR comfort zone.

You probably hear people say things like:

“Business is hard work”
”It takes a certain type to build a successful business”
”I hate it when people try to sell to me”

When we are aware that these statements have the potential to strengthen our comfort zone if we take them on and, when we recognise when others are imposing their limiting beliefs onto us, we are able to make a choice.

We are able to choose weather or not we want to take on that belief.

We can say to ourselves, that just their imaginary wall, it’s not the truth.

We can provide ourselves with counter belief - one that DOES serve us.

You might say to yourself:

“Business doesn’t have to be hard”
”Business is for all kinds of people including me”
”By selling what I have to offer I am solving peoples problems”

Imagining others comfort zones.

You can probably relate to keeping yourself small for the comfort of others. Maybe you didn’t want to tred on the toes of the women in your industry who you admired. Maybe you didn’t want to make your loved ones feel uncomfortable - you want to remain the same woman they know and love.

Yes, the route of this behaviour is our own limiting beliefs:

“Success is limited, my success detracts from others success”
“I will lose people if I grow and change”

But I also like to look at this in a different way.

We are IMAGINING the comfort zones of others, we are assuming what their limiting beliefs are, we are keeping them small in our minds and simply not thinking the best of them.

By not wanting to step on the toes of the women we admire, we are assuming the they are threatened by others success, we assume they are insecure and easily deterred by businesses in their industry.

By thinking we might lose some of the people we love by growing and changing, we are thinking of our loved ones as disloyal and insecure.

It’s time to wake up and look how you are maintaining your comfort zone.

Start breaking down those walls!

Big Love

Lill Xx


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