Give yourself the permission you have been looking for.

It took me years to really take ownership of what I wanted to do with my business. For years I continued to do work that I simply did not love. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but because I didn’t feel good enough to do what was in my heart all along.

The dream just felt way to big.

The results I wanted to get for my clients felt beyond my reach.

I looked to other people who were doing what I wanted to do and thought “they do it so much better than I ever could”

And so I continued doing the work I KNEW I was good at. I continued doing the work that just felt like “meh”. I continued to do life with fear. I continued to remain in my comfort zone.

I basically closed my eyes to my true purpose and wished for another (slightly easier) thing would come along.

But it did not come.

Of cause it didn’t!

Yes stepping into my purpose was going to be scary. Yes, I was going to have to give myself permission BIG TIME. but heck it’s my purpose - nothing would ever be as good as saying yes to that one thing!

You see, I get where you are at babe.

You know what you are meant to being doing. You know it on a deep soul level. It’s already in you. But doing what we are meant to do, and really whole heartedly owning that is a truly scary thing!

You feel like you’re not good enough.
You feel like someone else could do it better than you.
You are a little scared of the competition.
You don’t feel qualified.
You are waiting to get a little more experience under your belt.

Yep. I get exactly where your head is at. All these thoughts have run through my head time and time again!

But let me tell you this. That nagging feeling you have. That little voice in your head that tells you to just go for it. That feeling of excitement you have everytime you think of it your dream. That is not going to go away.

Debunk all of your limiting beliefs as though they are some kind of crazy conspiracy. “The earth is flat”, “Im not good enough” - it’s all the same!

Know they are not true. All those things that make you feel like you don’t have permission, the things that make you feel like you're not good enough yet. All the things that have been causing you to put off your dreams - they are just not true.

Stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to follow your dreams.

Stop waiting to feel ready.

Stop waiting to feel good enough.

Give yourself permission.

Say yes to your dreams!

Lillian Gordon