You Don’t Have To Follow The Rules Of The Human World.

Over the weekend, Josh and I took a little wander through some shops, in one store I found one of the maze puzzles where you have to tilt it in order to move 3 little silver balls right into the center of the maze. It a really tricky and frustrating game. As you tilt one ball towards the center of the game, another moves away! After getting frustrated with the little toy, I decided to try I different tactic. I could just fit the tip of my finger into the pathways of the maze in order to coax the tiny metal balls onto the correct path and block the wrong direction.

Essentially I cheated!

Was I actually cheating or had I simply decided not to follow the rules? Was getting the outcome in a different way lessen my achievement? 

I am sure you have already made your own judgements in your head. Maybe you did think I HAD been cheating and maybe you thought that they way I went about it DID lessen my achievement.  

Now I want you to ask yourself these questions:  

Do you want to be boxed in by a set of rules to reach success?  - of cause you don’t.
Do you want to feel like you are doing something wrong every time you veer off track?  - no!
Don’t you want to celebrate your success no matter how you got there?  - heck yes! 

I told you the story about the puzzle in the hopes that it would reveal to you your limiting beliefs around playing by the rules.

There are many paths that we can walk to get the desired outcome. In business we are told that to build a successful business we have to work hard, we have to use the correct strategy, we have to have the correct sales funnels, we have to nich down, get super super clear on our message, success takes time. Now, I don’t know about you but these rules used to freak me out. I believed following these rules were the only way I could get to where I want. 

I doubted how HARD I actually could work without burning out.  
I read book after book trying to understand the strategy behind a successful business - only to find that one book contradict the next. 
For the life of me, I couldn’t concentrate enough through any kind of sales funnel video.  
I felt boxed in by niching down.  
My message changed over and over and over again.  
And frankly, the thought that I’d have to wait years for my desired outcome made me feel a little sick.  

 With the belief that following the rules was the only way I could get where I wanted to go - it was no wonder I lacked any belief that the outcome could be mine.  

Maybe you feel the same as I did?  

Maybe you thought that I was cheating by directing the small metal ball with my fingers? 

Maybe you are stressing about how on earth you are going to walk the supposed path to the outcomes you want in your life? 

It it time to stop that limiting belief get in your way! 

Why the fuck would you play by the rules of the human world?

 It’s time to step out of being human.  

Understand that your fears are human - let them go.  
Understand that time is human - let that go  
Let your ego go too - that’s just human.  
Let the idea that walking a different path won’t work - rules are human.  

step into Creator Mode! 

Okay, so by now you are probably thinking one of two things:  

1. Okay Lill, you’ve lost it now! No one can stop being human - that’s what we are! I can make time go away, I have fears, my ego  

2. That’s just for monks or people who’ve reached enlightenment - that’s not me!  

When I say for you to step out of being human, I am saying to stop letting all these human constructs given the way you run your business. You don’t have to play by the human rules that tell you how to run a successful business.  

Stepping into creator mode  

When I got my hands involved in that little puzzle, I stepped into creator mode. I created my own way of getting to my desired outcome. When I stepped into creator mode, things that were once difficult became easy. Yes, I still had setbacks. I didn’t get those small silver balls to go where I wanted the first time - it took a couple of tries before all three were in the center of the maze. But it would have been much harder if I’d played by the rules. 

Stepping into creator mode when it comes to your business is simply choosing not to play by the human rules. You don’t have to have a sales funnel, you don’t have to niche down, you don’t have to nail your message and keep it the same, you don’t have to worry about time. You simply create from your heart and walk your own path. 

When you step into creator mode and out of the world of human rules and constructs:

You let go of comparison. 
You let go of industry norms .
You create original things.
You no longer worry about time.
You speak your truth and don’t worry about weather or not it is strategic.

Think about it -some of the most successful people did NOT play by human rules - they created their own path. 

Do you think Elon Musk is playing by human rules?  

What about Tony Robins?  

Or Oprah?

No. They are the creators of their own path. If they sat back and followed the rules of their industry, the rules that the human world tried to put on them - they would not be where they are today.  


Be the creator  

Big love  

Xx Lill  

Imagery by Alex Stoddard

Lillian Gordon