On changing the direction of your business.

For a very long time, I didn’t like to admit to myself (let alone other people) how many direction changes I have made in business:

Fashion Styling, Editorial Styling, Amazon FBA, Brand Design, Web Design, and now Branding, Mindset and Manifestation Coaching!

I would cringe every time someone asked me what I was up to, as I imagined what they were thinking:

“Oh she cant stick to one thing for more than 5 mins”
”How does she expect to build a successful business if she keeps changing her mind?”
”I bet she will tell us something different next time I ask…”

Now, when it comes to mindset - what I assumed people were thinking was a direct reflection of what I thought of myself.

I thought that I was showing a lack of commitment, that changing my mind so many times would detract from the success I was chasing.

Holy fuck, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

With each change of direction I have gotten closer and closer to my soul purpose. I have gotten closer and closer to having a business that I am totally obsessed with - something that I have always believed to be, the key to success.

What caused me to change direction so many times was the fact that I lacked commitment or that I wasn’t going to be successful. FUCK NO! I changed direction so many times out of a commitment to build a business that I was totally obsessed with. I changed direction so many times out of a commitment to NOT do something that didn’t make me happy.

As soon as I got the sense that something wasn’t for me, I made the changes I needed to make - now THAT’S commitment!

Why would you want to be in a business that didn’t bring joy?

Yes, you can build a business that you’re heart isn’t in - that can make you a lot of money, but can it bring you success? well, it depends on your definition of success but based on my definition of success, I’m going to say NO. Success isn’t just making a load of money. Success in business is doing what you are obsessed with, waking up every day excited as fuck, AND making a load of money!

If changing the direction of your business in big or small ways, is going to bring you closer to having a business that you are obsessed with too - then do it.

You remain committed - committed to your desired outcome.

You are still on the path towards success - you haven’t given up on your dream, simply changed the way you are going to get there.

Don’t let a lack of direction stop you.

I know many of you are at that stage where you know you are not meant for employment, you are meant to blaze your own trail, you are meant to be a leader. Only thing is, you don’t have the perfect business idea that you have been looking for. I get where you are at. For a very long time I let not knowing what was right for me, stop me from taking any action at all.

The truth is, sitting on your couch, watching women on Instagram, living your dream life and occasionally googling “good business ideas” is not going to cause the light bulb moment that you have been waiting for.

What I am talking about here is letting your intuition guide you. Your intuition or your internal compass, cannot speak up until you actually begin to move.

It’s like a gps system. You are going somewhere new and so you enter in your desired destination into your GPS. if you were to stay still, the GPS isn’t going to give you directions, is it? But if you were to begin moving (even in the wrong direction) the GPS would speak up and give you the directions you need to go where you want.

Welcoming in changes.

We ALL have those moments where we think to ourselves “this is starting to feel uncomfortable, I need to change something” Or “This isn’t making me happy, what am I going to do?” . Its very easy, in those moments, to start freaking out - I know because, I’ve done it plenty of times, so many times, that those feelings are now like an old friend.

As I learnt to see the changes I have made in my business in a positive light, I also welcome in new changes.

That feeling of “OMG something has got to shift” is the sign that something new and exciting is about to come.

That feeling of discomfort and worry is simply getting you ready to get a download from the universe - that shit is exciting!

When you notice yourself not enjoying some element of your business, take time to tune into your heart and welcome in direction from the universe - you will be amazed at what will come through!

You can use the following journaling prompts to call in new ideas and changes:

  • If I knew what changes needed to be made I would….


  • If I knew any changes I would make could only be positive, I would…

Don’t niche down.

I shared my opinion on niching down in a blog post earlier this week - So I wont ramble on about this too much.

By NOT niching down in the traditional sense, you will give yourself the freedom to grow, change and evolve - as all humans do. You can’t expect your purpose or message to remain the same throughout your life and so why would you box yourself in with a business that assumes that you will. Rather than niching your business now, give yourself the room to make changes as and when you need.

change is powerful!

Big Love

Xx Lill

Lillian Gordon