A note to the perfectionists and planners

Have you been trying to get things just right? Reaching for some kind of perfection?  


Is is because you are scared?  

Of cause it is!

Maybe you are scared that people will judge you.

Maybe you are worried they won’t think you are professional or qualifies.

maybe you are waiting for a price of paper that says you are qualified to share your message.

Maybe you are scared that you won’t make any real difference.

What ever it is you are scared of - what ever it is that’s got you playing small. I want you to stop for just a second and think about it. 

Do you think you are doing the right thing by holding back?  

‘Do Ou think you are doing the right thing by keeping things to yourself?  

‘Do you think you are doing it the right thing by striving for perfection?  

Of cause you don’t. 

Who are you to delay your message from going out into the world? Who are you to keep people waiting? Who are you to say that you message can’t go out into the world because your delivery didn’t work out the way you envisioned it would? Who are you to make the judgements when in reality you created it to help others, to teach them something, to improve their lives? 

I see that you are scared. I see you doubting yourself and imagining what people might think. I’ve been there. And let me tell you, holding your message close to your chest like you are doing right now, gets hard. It gets painful to hold it back. Fighting against who you are meant to be, will never be a walk in the park. That message that you are compelled to share will not go away, it won’t leave you. It will just nag you and nag you until you just cannot ignore it any longer! 

Go for it! Share what you have to share and be who you are meant to be.  

Move your work out into the world. Let it be seen. Let people learn from what you share. Stop holding it all so damn close to your chest.  

I can see that you are passionate about makings inpact in people’s lives, you strive for perfection because you want to ensure that it help people.  

Here is the truth though. Your work at 85% perfect and 100% perfect will make the same impact in people’s lives. That last 15% is merely bells and whistles, air brushing and appearances - it not the stuff that counts. You can waste so much time putting that extra 15% into your work. That 15% is the difference between someone who can put a blog post out regularly and someone who thinks that it’s just too hard. It’s the difference between someone who Has started the business and the person who is still working out their niche and brand values. 

Burn out is in that 15%.  

Loss of motivation is in that 15%  

overwhelm is in that 15%  

We are all waiting for your message, we are all waiting to learn from you. You have incredible talents - share them! 


Lillian Gordon