Never fail again.

Last week I fell into old bad habits and did ALL the wrong things. The kinds of things I give my clients a kick up the butt for doing.

I neglected my journaling.
I didn’t take the time to step on the matt and practice yoga.
I didn’t take breaks and reward my hard work.
I woke up and went STRAIGHT to social media.
I spent more time consuming other people’s content rather than creating my own.
I began to compare other people’s journeys to my own.

I did all the wrong things!

In reflecting on last week, I can safely say that I made little to no progress in my business, I felt stressed, unhappy and most of all I felt a bit like a failure for neglecting all the things I preach are so damn important.

“What a hypocrite” - that’s what I was saying to myself.

But then I caught myself.

I was going to neglect MORE of what I teach you guys.

I wasn’t going to neglect the fact that I believe that we go through everything for a damn reason. That every experience can be of value, should we choose for it to be that way. That things are only a waste of time if we believe they are.

I wasn’t about to make a whole week a waste.

Nope. And so I began asking myself a number of questions:

What’s the lesson hear?
How can I turn this into value for my audience?
What can I do to make sure I don’t continue this pattern?

And so here I am, writing this blog post turning last week into content - creating value out of it. If you head over to my instagram you will see that I have shared even more lessons that have come from a week of me supposedly failing.

So here is the thing babe:

Failure only exists if you choose for it to exist. Time is only wasted if you say it was. You didn’t make progress only if you say you didn’t.

If you want to never fail again, ask yourself the same questions I asked myself.

What is the lesson here?
How can I turn this into value?
What can I do to make sure I don’t continue this pattern?

Stop feeling ashamed of your shortcomings and what you’ve been calling your failures - fucking share them with your audience.

Be vulnerable. Share the lesson. Turn a waste of time, a failure, your lack of progress into content.

Help your audience see that they are not alone. be the example of someone who overcomes the obstacles, inspire them with your story.

I’m not here to be perfect. Are you?

I get it. It’s scary to share your so called failures with your audience. It’s difficult to tell that story. I know you are wanting to position yourself as the expert. I know you are worried that telling stories of vulnerability (stories of times where you did NOT uphold what you preach) might undermine you position as an expert.

But you know what? Your audience is going to have a pretty hard time connecting to you if you can’t share where you messed up. My not getting vulnerable and real then you are putting yourself up on some kind of superhuman pedestal, out of the reach of your audience.

Secondly, wouldn’t it be cool to run a business where you can be imperfect and still absolutely kill it?

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were no failures just more content and more value?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you would make people wonder how you are making money from basically being you?

So babe, my question to you is this: What “failure” can you turn into value? What story can you tell?

Big Love
Xx Lill.

Lillian Gordon