How to speed up your success (psst. stop trying to force it)

Are you trying to force things?

Are you trying to force your creative flow?
Are you trying to force yourself to move your business in a direction that you’re just not loving?
Are you trying to force your message into something that it just isn’t?
Are you trying to force your business into getting the results you want?
Are you trying to force your journey into a pre decided direction?

Lately I’ve been catching myself doing the same!

We set goals that we REALLY want to achieve! We start businesses to build freedom into our lives. We see other people doing the things that we want to do and we desperately want to get there! We grapple with the question “How the fuck am I going to get from A to B?”, we say to ourselves “oh god I really want this! I’m going to have to work damn hard to get there”.

And as the goal getters that we are. We go on and work damn hard, and we end up trying to force things to happen. Who can blame us? we are just damn driven to create the life that we are dreaming of!

But in all my HARD work, HUSTLE and basically forcing things…

I’ve learned that it’s just not the way!

And because I know that you’re a goal getter too , It would be would be rude and frankly a bit strange if I weren’t to share what I have learned!

Buckle up babe! We are about to change the way you smash those goals.

We are about to make it a whole load more effortless!

You see when you are forcing things you are actually getting yourself in the mindset that it might just not happen. You are in a mindset of desperation. You are in a mindset of not fully trusting that of course you can do all that you want to do.

If you are going to smash those goals you cannot afford to have that kind of doubt in yourself.

No. You want to come at your work with unshakable confidence. As if success in your businesses success is a fucking given.
You want to act as if you KNOW that the reality you are working to create is yours - signed sealed and delivered!

Ask yourself:

What action would I take if I knew that success in my business was a given?
What services/products/ programs would I release?
How would I design my days?
What would I talk about within my business?
What message would I share ?
What would my relationship with my audience be like?
How would I use strategies differently?
…all as if my success was given!

Go on - journal that shit out! I dare you!! - but be warned last time I journaled using these prompts , it totally transformed my life and business!

It’s my guess that in your answers lies the answers to what is ACTUALLY going to move you towards that life and business you are dreaming of.

It’s not the hustle, the struggle, all that hard work you’ve been doing - it’s inspired action. It’s aligned action. It’s coming at things with the confidence of someone who KNOWS their success is a fucking given FACT.

When you come at things with that kind of mindset you actually lead with the work that is actually going to matter.

Think about it…

…Rather than worrying whether anyone will actually buy that program that you are crazy passionate about, you are just going to go out there and create it!
You’re not going to release that slightly safer program that is frankly kind of boring to you (and probably your customers)

…Rather than worrying weather any one would listen to you if you went live you’d go live with some kind of crazy compelling confidence that has people coming back for more next time you go live!

…Rather than talking about the same shit everyone in your industry is talking about, you’d go out on a limb and share something that makes you kinda polarising and a go too business for those who LOVE your perspective!

…Rather than remain doing things in your biz that you’re not that passionate about, you’d redirected your business and shake things up so that it’s so much more enjoyable for you! You wouldn’t struggle with procrastination like you have been. You’d get so much more done!

Lillian Gordon