Lillian & Co.

Are you ready to start smashing those big, scary, don’t-say-it-out-loud goals?

Are you feeling pulled to start your own business but lack clarity and direction?
Do you feel, despite trying, that you haven’t been able to embody the energy of the kind of boss woman you want to be? Do you crave a business that is way more than your job?
Are you ready to tap into your calling? Your passion?
Are you ready to energetically level up and do the deep work to make your dreams your reality?
Do you feel ready to step up and increase your influence, impact and brand love?
Are you ready to work with a coach who is going to encourage, support and expect the very best from you?

Now is the time to make some changes!

Are you ready?

Together we will work on your 12-week journey of purpose discovery, mindset mastery and the manifestation of your dream life and business!

During our weekly coaching session, we will use incredibly transformational modalities like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), Clinical Hypnotherapy, TIME techniques and of cause business, life and success coaching.

To round it all off we’ll be diving deep into the world of manifestation and I will be showing you how to call in the business and life of your dreams during our 12 weeks together and beyond!

Babe, the time is now! 

Somewhere amongst growing up and following the ‘right’ path - the path that you thought would lead to success, you realized something. You were choosing the safe option - how did that happen?

As a kid you always envisioned yourself doing something BIG, changing the game, and following your dreams.

When did you put that dream to the side?
When did you choose to settle for less?

As you followed that safe path, there was always something in you yearning for something different - and she just wasn’t going to shut up, was she?


Your not the employee, the rule follower, the nine to fiver, are you?


Whether you join me in my coaching program or not, the time to chase your dreams is now.

It’s my mission to get you to the next level of you.

I believe that when we step into our best selves, our businesses go to the next level too.


Together we will…

  • Reprogram your mindset.

  • Get you clarity around your purpose and the direction of your business

  • Get an extremely deep understanding of your ideal customers and start attracting them.

  • Create ease in your content creation.

  • Create daily routines and habits for success.

  • Get your clarity around how you can use the Law of Attraction to create success in your life and business.

When you sign up for the 12-week program, you will get:

+ 12 weekly coaching calls.
+ Unlimited voice and text support via WhatsApp.
+ Personalised Journal Prompts to facilitate huge breakthroughs.
+ Resources, homework, and motivation to keep you moving forward with ease.

+ a few extra surprises!

I’m going to be honest with you, your growth is up to you. I can't do the work for you.

but, Here is what I can do:

I can show up, support you, and share with you everything I know. I can brainstorm with you and empower you. I can help you to see things differently. I can help you release the limiting ideas holding you back. I can teach you my strategies. I can show you how to get clear on what you want and help you embody your next level and business.

However, you can expect to:

  • Feel more aligned with your purpose.

  • Create a strong and effortless content strategy

  • Understand how to combine manifesting and branding skills in such a way that you can easily attract perfect clients, opportunities and money.

  • Embody the boss woman that you are.

  • Sell the shit out of your offers with confidence.


About Lillian



I’m Lillian and I am so glad to have you here - we are about to make amazing things happen for you!

I’m on a mission to help fellow female entrepreneurs discover their purpose, master their mindset and manifest their dream business and life.

Since you are reading this, I’m assuming you are ready to smash the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and take massive action in the direction of your wildest dreams.

It’s time to gain the clarity and the confidence you need to charge through life and business as if your success is already inevitable. Because it is.

Your investment: $2888 AUD

(payment plans available)

If you have made it this far down the page, you are probably wondering if this is for you.
Listen to your heart - it will never lead you astray.

Xx Lill