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Get ready to Master Transformational Journaling!

Hello Dream Chaser!

I am so excited to teach you all about transformational journaling!

Now, before I get started I wanted you to know that this isn’t the ‘dear diary’ kind of journaling - it isn’t about documenting your journey. You are about to learn a number of journaling techniques that are powerful in CREATING your journey!

I have been practicing transformational journaling for about 8 years now and I have seen the power it can have in someone’s life! As I began to build out this guide for you, I went back to a journal entry I wrote just a year ago

In it I had written: I am so grateful that I have been able to leave retail and now run a business that I am deeply passionate about. I feel confident in my own skin and am no longer disheartened when I share what I do for a living. I get to organize my day as Id like. If I want to work from bed, I can work from bed. If I want to work from a cafe I can work from a cafe.

At the time, this wasn’t my reality. It was a Melbourne winter, I was working in a retail job that didn’t bring me a lot of satisfaction and I was being kept up at night with anxiety. I was simply imagining my future as if it has already happened (something you will learn more about below). It is safe to say that everything I had put down on paper is now my reality - just one year later!

Get ready to create that kind of transformation in your own life!

 Gratitude Journaling.

My own journey with journaling began with gratitude journaling about 8 years and so as you can imagine I have tried a lot of things!

Firstly I challenged myself to find 3 things a day that I was grateful for, then 5 and then 10. It began with the obvious things like a ‘roof over my head’ and ‘fresh running water’ but that begin to get a little repetitive and so I challenged myself to find things within the last 24 hours that I was grateful for.

This is what I have gotten the best results from:

  • Build yourself up, don’t start your gratitude journaling practice trying to find 10 things you are grateful for. You will know that it’s time to increase the number of things you list out by how easy it is getting for you. As soon as you find it easy to list three things increase to 4 or 5 and soon as that becomes easy, increase things again.

  • No matter how many things you are listing out, challenge yourself to find things you are grateful for within the last 24 hours - this will challenge your mind to always be looking for positives throughout your day.

  • Do your gratitude at night. This allows you to go through your day looking for things you are grateful for and therefore improving your overall outlook on your day.

I encourage you to play around with gratitude journaling and find something that works for you!


Today I feel grateful for…

Today was amazing because…

I can sleep easy knowing that today...

 Journaling for Manifestation

Manifestation is one of my FAVORITE topics to speak about and journaling would be the biggest element within my manifestation routine. And so I am very very excited to share how I use journaling to manifest!

I really big part of manifestation is getting into the feeling of already manifested whatever it is you are manifesting.

If you were wanting to manifest another $1000 into your business, you are going to want to get yourself into the feeling of already receiving that extra money.

When we get into the feelings of already manifesting, then we become an energetic match for what it is we want to call into our lives.

If that’s a little too woo woo for you, I will explain it in a different way!

When we raise our vibration (or act as if we have already got what we desire) we automatically increase our likelihood to model behaviors that are congruent with what we want. ⁣So if you were wanting to manifest that extra $1000 into your business, you start to feel really good about yourself and your business and you are feeling the feels of already hitting your income goals for the month. Then you are going to approach selling with so much more confidence and less desperation!

Journaling is an amazing tool to get into the MINDSET of having already manifested.

My favorite journaling technique for this is to journal from the perception of having called in what you wanted to call into your life. Make sure that you are journaling in the present rather than the future.

Rather than ‘I am going to make an extra $1000’ you would journal ‘wow I just made an extra $1000’

Another awesome journaling exercise for manifestation

Write a list of things that you have already achieved that you wanted to achieve, leaving a number of lines between each - choose things made you impressed with yourself at the time, or that you are proud of.

Then, in the gaps that you have left, write things that you want to achieve in the present or past tense just like the previous exercise.

When you list alongside both the things you have achieved and the things that you want to achieve (as if both are already true) then you help your subconscious mind get on board with the thinks you want to call into your life!

 Journaling your way out of overwhelm.

Getting overwhelmed is a pretty normal part of life when you are in that state, it doesn’t feel like there is a way out! There are many ways you can get yourself out of that headspace like exercise or chatting with a friend, but I have to say that journaling is my absolute favorite way! - mainly because my journal is always at hand AND I can journal whilst still curled up in a ball, under the covers ha ha!

Before I get into how to journal your way out of overwhelm, it’s important to understand what brings it on. When we are in this state we will often say things like:

Nothing is going right
I can’t do anything
I wish I could find something that could work!

All of these statements are extremely vague. Vagueness in our internal language is what causes overwhelm. So if we are wanting to move out of being overwhelmed we have to change our internal language - we have to move from vagueness to specifics.

From there you will either allow the overwhelm to dissipate or you will reveal a limiting belief that is not serving you!

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, get your journal out and commit to getting more specific.


This exercise doesn’t really have prompts as it will depend on your individual situation however, I will provide you with an example of how to get into the specifics.

  1. What specifically am I feeling overwhelmed about?….

    I am feeling overwhelmed about my business. Nothing seems to be going right! I am working and working and I am not making any progress!

  2. What specifically about my business is causing me to feel this way?

    Well… I am losing followers and Instagram is just really hard - I am never going to able to find more clients!

  3. What is the connection between the number of Instagram followers and the number of clients?

    People with more followers appear to be more credible and the more credible I seem, the more people will buy from me.

  4. Is it the follower count that creates the credibility or is it the credibility that affects the follower count?

    It’s the credibility that affects the follower count. I am credible before I gain followers.

 Picking up on limiting beliefs.

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are those specific stories that hold us back in some way from becoming who we truly want to be.

Journaling gives us the space to have a conversation with ourselves. It’s not like we can just ask ourselves what beliefs are limiting my growth and the answers will just pop into your head. Journaling is a medium, from which we are able to deepen our understanding of ourselves - our limiting beliefs included.

As you journal more and more, you will naturally shine a light on your limiting beliefs. However, if you are wanting to shine a light on what beliefs are holding your back you can create a simple journaling prompt for yourself.

If you are having a hard time finding time to work on your business, you might use the prompt: ‘I don’t have enough time to work on my business because…’

If you were struggling with coming up with content ideas, you might use the prompt: ‘I can’t come up with journaling prompts because…’

It’s very simple and probably needs no more explanation!

The real question is, what should you do when you uncover a limiting belief?

  • Notice the limiting belief - write it down.

  • Acknowledge that it isn’t the truth.

  • Try on a different belief - create yourself an affirmation

  • Take that affirmation to the next level with journaling (more on this in the next section)

  • Take different actions.

 Changing our limiting beliefs.

If you are interested in personal development, then I am sure that you are familiar with affirmations and mantras. They are an amazing way to get your subconscious mind on board with the kind of woman that you want to be and where you want to go in life and business. But what if we could take it a step further than simply saying words in front of the mirror?

Journaling enables us to take our affirmations and truly cement them into our belief systems!

Here is how it works: If you have an affirmation like “I am a powerful leader, who makes money just for showing up as myself” Then you would turn it into a journaling prompt like I know I am a powerful leader because… and I know I can make money by being myself because…

This practice validates your affirmations, that way when you go to say them in the mirror, you will believe them all the more strongly

By working through this EXERCISE you will also shed more light on your limiting beliefs.

You may occasionally notice resistance when it comes to finding things that validate your affirmations - you know what to do when it comes to limiting beliefs:

  • Notice the limiting belief - write it down.

  • Acknowledge that it isn’t the truth.

  • Try on a different belief - create yourself an affirmation

  • Take that affirmation to the next level with journaling

  • Take different action.

 More Journaling Prompts

Makeover your routine with these journaling prompts

My ideal day looks like… what changes can I make to get closer to that day…
My ideal morning looks like… what changes can I make to get closer to that morning…
what are 5 things that are non negotiable for me to do this week?…
What are 3 things that are non negotiable for me everyday?…
How could I make my life easier…
I want to make more time for…


If someone gave me $10,000 dollars, I would feel…
Money feels like…
I know I am abundant because…
I know I get to make money by just being me because…


I am being held back from achieving my goals by…
Today I need to hear…
If I knew I was 100% worthy, I would…
If I was not afraid, I would…
The woman I want to be is…
I am not yet the woman I want to be because…
I am being held back from achieving my goals by…

Purpose and Business

If I were to write a TED talk, it would be on…
If I could start and business knowing it would not fail, I would…
I know I can attract my ideal clients easily because…
If I knew what business I wanted to start, I would…
If I had all the money I needed, I would still want to…
If business strategy didn’t matter I would choose to…

Feeling Stuck?

If I had the answers, they would be…
If I knew what to do, I would…

Make sure my emails AREN’T going into your junk folder, You will want to know when I add more journaling prompts!

 Making changes in your life.

Journaling has the potential to be a catalyst for a massive change in your life but it takes a little more than words to a page. Putting words to paper enables us to shift mindsets and beliefs. It helps us recognize the changes we need to make in our lives. It gives us clarity around what it is we are working towards. It helps us get into better energy and state so that we can manifest our desires quicker.

But, at the end of the day real lasting change takes inspired action.

If you were to reveal that you have a scarcity mindset when it comes to money - go out spend some money. Give some to charity, treat a loved one or treat yourself.

If journaling revealed that you spend too much time getting your work to perfection - Begin to put your work out into the world at 80% perfect.

Should you realize that you are spending too much time watching TV rather than working towards a dream - take action to change it.

Teach others

One of the best ways that we can cement and deepen our own learning, is to teach others. When we teach others, we receive a reflection of ourselves which in turn helps us see our learnings from a new and fresh perspective and allows us to deepen our learnings.

Active gratitude

The pages of your journal are an amazing place to begin your gratitude practice, but don’t let it stop there! tell people that you are grateful for them. Send a stranger a message if you appreciate their work. Hey, here’s an idea! How about shooting me a message if you loved this guide to transformational journaling! I’d love to hear about it!

Got something from this guide to Transformational Journaling?

I would love love LOVE to hear about the transformations you are experiencing in your life, business and mindset (big or small). Feel free to drop me a message below or shoot me a direct message on Instagram - I would love to share your wins with my community!!

Big Love

Lill Xx