Call in abundance into your life with these money mantras!

Money is an unlimited resource and it’s always flowing my way.

The more fun I have, the more money I make.

I attract money in both expected and unexpected ways.

I am so grateful for my ever growing $— months!

I get highly paid, just for being me.

Everyday I am attracting more money into my life than I could ever imagine.

I am open and ready to receive all of the unlimited wealth that the universe has for me.

It is safe for me to be a wildly wealthy women.

People fucking love to pay me!

There is always more where that came from.

I’m a mother fucking money magnet!

Abundance is my chosen reality!

As you read through these mantras you will probably notice that some of them feel more powerful than others. They are the ones that should take place on your bathroom mirror or as a notification on your phone.

They are the ones that you want to memorize and combat negative and limiting beliefs.

You may also notice that some mantras make you feel a little bit ‘ick’. Take this as an opportunity to dive deeper into your belief systems around money. By asking yourself why that might be and diving deep into what is making your cringe you will open up massive insight into how your view money. From there, you will be able to tailor your mantras to better suit you and address your limiting beliefs on an even deeper level!

Want to take your mantra to the next level?

Learn how in the Transformational Journaling Guide!

Happy money making!

Big Love

Xx Lillian